Friday, 7 March 2014

And now my watch begins

So Uni has started again and i'm back to learning useful stuff like dynamics/rendering.....
But not "useful" useful ( by that i mean stuff I want to learn and work as) stuff like modeling/texturing. So much self learning to do but got no time.

anyway I'm going to  halt work on my rat for now because i really need to learn the high poly to low poly process before my uni starts production. I don't want to be put in the rendering team T_T.

 edit: I'm an idiot..I'm working on a film not a game. And I can't be rendering if there is no models to begin with haha

current rat:

and blocking out my high poly to low poly project.
I really want to try and push myself with the fine details. Rafael Grassetti i'm coming for you! :P

and a painting that i'm taking my sweet time with :)

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