Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ah man

Well I need a new graphics card so....lets do the polycount/ allegorithmic contest.
Do I think I can win? nope
Do I think I can finish in time? nope.
Chances seem like usual. 

Story goes along the lines of.
-Renowned Hero/king. Feared warrior. The beast of (insert fantasy name)
- no longer needed/ no longer wanted.
- madness
- death

-...and that;s all I got to. trying to tie in the beauty part. something about war yada yada. and his soul lingers in his sword

Blocking out. Everything is muddeh

maya blockout to find proportion and gesture. zbrush details

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Eh its 2016.

Havent updated in a while.

Here's some stuff im working on.

I call her Armour Fist gal by Krenz Cushart

She's 10% textured and hair is very wip (needs more clumps, geo and they are all sharing one textured plane)  However, my 5 year old laptop is showing its age and I'm starting to blue screen while texturing lolol. So I will have to put this on hold until I can afford a new computer :<.  Which may be a while. Also here's a wip of her Armour fists, still tinkering with the design, i.e how do thumbs work.

And Fury Beats - Sophie by Sergi Brosa

Wip, baggy stuff is hard D:

Hopefully this year I can work more on my fundamentals. I feel like in 2015 I learnt a bit but forgot a lot. I'm really not where I wanted to be art wise.