Saturday, 11 July 2015

 wooooooshh! havent updated this blog in a while. But still quietly working on my art. I've been learning a lot these past few months. Which means I become even more stupid lol....

This is a zombie based on the concept by Max Davenport.
Dude's a beast.

I did this to learn the pipeline with all the different maps (also the topology is rushed). Textures still need work, Like alot of work. First time ever normal mapping something, So much fun to spin a low poly with a normal map applied!

I gave up trying to concept an Overwatch character. My design skill are still too weak :<. Need to work on done for sure!. Then after that I tried to make a character for a while but had to scrap it because it was no where near what I wanted. I rushed it too early and so my foundation was wobbly. 

So I decided to try again and make a Hanzo from overwatch. Currently at the packing uvs stage, test bakes all done. And then on to texturing!

And a few things I want to work on after I complete Hanzo. These aren't priority so Ive been slowly chipping on these during night/breaks. 

Darksiders 2 concept by Dawid Frederik
It's a mash up of two concepts but I might change concept. *shrug*

Overall I wish I could get faster but I guess that will take some time. Oh yeah and if interested heres my tumblr, usually pot non wip things there

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