Wednesday, 30 September 2015

decided to put a pause on the painting. I don't feel like i'm learning anything from it and having a hard time making any progress with it because of my lack of knowledge. I need to go back to basics and also I need to reread that androidarts tut.

These are just some of my notes I have no idea if they are right. Probably wont be able to read it anyway looking at the resolution

But what Ive learnt is that if you want to change colour you should consider desaturating it a bit otherwise the two colours will be too strong against each other making it very jarring, Also adding RGB together gives  white so in real life so I think that desaturating it a bit helps with integrating  the colours.

And colour perception, something about opposite colours, still trying to figure it out. haha super obscure..

Still trying to figure out how to use the hue slider so that i dont have to use the rgb ones.

edit: Something i've always had trouble with was trying to paint something that is normally associated with a colour (an apple is red, etc) and fitting it into a scene that had different colours.

Today I was standing on my driveway thinking about this, and it kind of makes sense to use a limited palette. You are hardly ever going to get a situation where the source of light is all types of different colours.

For example the sky gives a blue tint to everything on a sunny midday. So a green tree would not be flat out green because the blue and green are adding together. And if we remember, when colours add they become less saturated.
Therefore it depends on the strength of the tint. In the Lords of the rings example the blue tint is very strong which is why gandalfs skin isnt even in the pink hue range. In fact it is all in the blue range, so how would I make it pink. If I wanted to create a pink hue in a blue tinted scene I would have the blue desaturated leaning towards the red. What not to do is pick pink and go down the hue slider because you are picking a colour that would not occur in a heavily blue tinted scene.

And thats why I keep hearing that in digital you have too many colours to choose from, the freedom helps make wrong choices. Sorry if none of this makes sense or isnt even right :P.

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