Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Eh its 2016.

Havent updated in a while.

Here's some stuff im working on.

I call her Armour Fist gal by Krenz Cushart

She's 10% textured and hair is very wip (needs more clumps, geo and they are all sharing one textured plane)  However, my 5 year old laptop is showing its age and I'm starting to blue screen while texturing lolol. So I will have to put this on hold until I can afford a new computer :<.  Which may be a while. Also here's a wip of her Armour fists, still tinkering with the design, i.e how do thumbs work.

And Fury Beats - Sophie by Sergi Brosa

Wip, baggy stuff is hard D:

Hopefully this year I can work more on my fundamentals. I feel like in 2015 I learnt a bit but forgot a lot. I'm really not where I wanted to be art wise. 

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